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[BUG] AviSynth Previewer behavior in Dev version
In the latest dev version (2021.04.03.1), the AviSynth previewer behaves differently than expected.

When the previewer is up, changing any filter setting temporarily greys the preview window area. This makes it very difficult to do A/B comparison. Previous versions of Hybrid didn't do this.

When the preview image reappears, if "scrolling" is selected, the horizontal and vertical scroll bars shrink to the bottom left and top right corners of the preview image, and the position of the image resets to the upper left. Again, this makes it so that the user can't do A/B comparison. Previous versions of Hybrid didn't do this.

[Image: pmIqUcd.png]
I can reproduce it, will look at it.
Not sure what is causing this,..

Cu Selur
Modified avsViewer, try whether replacing the Hybrid\64bit\Avisynth\avsViewer64.exe and Hybrid\32bit\avsViewer.exe files with the ones from the attachment helps.

Cu Selur

The scroll bars and position now don't change, but the preview image is still temporarily replaced with a grey screen and the "Preparing environment for..." message.

Older versions of Hybrid didn't have this grey screen. It kept the original preview image up before switching to the new image after enabling or changing a filter, with "changeTo" in the title bar during the processing. This made A/B comparison easy to do within avsviewer.exe itself, without having to save before and after images and comparing them in something like IrfanView.

For example, avsviewer.exe from Hybrid 2020.11.25.1 didn't have the grey image in between changing filters / settings.

I tried copying the avsviewer & avsviewer64 exe's from Hybrid 2020.11.25.1 into 2021.04.03.1 and they do work. I've attached them here just in case it might be useful.

Problem was that switching to fast might crash older avsViewer version.
Not sure I can hide the "Preparing environment for..."
I'll do some testing.

Cu Selur
Attached another avsViewer version for testing.

Cu Selur
As always, sorry for the delay in posting back.

Thanks for providing these fixes so fast!

So the last one did the trick, it now works as before! Smile Wink Big Grin

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