[BUG] Hybrid cutting out part of the audio
I've been having this problem for a few months now and finally I was able to reproduce it with a log file. Hybrid cuts out a part of the audio during encoding, this is usually the last chapter of the video.

In an anime video the preview for the next episode is the one which is cut out most of the time. Sometimes part B of the video (latter half of the video, it has a chapter mark as well) but that is rare. It has something to do with the chapters. Videos without chapters don't have this problem.

It also happens during batch encodes. The codec doesn't matter it happens with both vorbis and aac which I use normally. If you are unable to reproduce it then you might need to download the full batch source and encode the audio only ignoring the video. Episodes 25, 26 and 28 are the ones to look out for. They had a problem in the original encodes and when I tried to reproduce the problem.

I'm using Hybrid version 2019.01.06.1

Samples (the source folder has audio and chapter seperate incase you want to download that only
Will send you my current dev for testing, think I fixed it.

Cu Selur

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