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[BUG] Vapoursynth->Waifu2x nvk Encode Crash on Win7 (Upd: not bug, fixed on user side)
OS: Windows 7 SP1
Hybrid Version: 2021.01.31; 2020.12.13
Intention: OBS-recorded MP4 video, crop & upsize via Waifu2x nvk, encode to x264.

Problem: Waifu2x nvk crashes immediately. (attached relevant debug.log)
  • y4m [error]: bad sequence header magic
  • x264 [error]: could not open input file `-'
Waifu2x and Anime4KCPP works, but both are not preferred due to Waifu2x being a-ton slow, and Anime4KCPP producing unfavorable/sub-standard result compared to the two Waifu2x.

Oddly, my laptop with Win10 1803 has no problems running it. It has an older NVidia driver 451.67, too. (attached debug.log for reference)
I wish to use the desktop instead because it has GTX 1080 while my laptop only has GTX 960m.

I wonder if it's a Vapoursynth or w2xnvk problem instead.

'Vapoursynth Filter 
Preview' error
Failed to evaluate the script:
Python exception: Waifu2x-NCNN-Vulkan: invalid 'gpu_id'

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "src\cython\vapoursynth.pyx", line 2244, in vapoursynth.vpy_evaluateScript
  File "src\cython\vapoursynth.pyx", line 2245, in vapoursynth.vpy_evaluateScript
  File "C:\Users\ACES\AppData\Local\Temp\tempPreviewVapoursynthFile05_44_22_620.vpy", line 31, in <module>
    clip = core.w2xnvk.Waifu2x(clip=clip, scale=2, model=0, tile_size=240, gpu_thread=2)
  File "src\cython\vapoursynth.pyx", line 2069, in vapoursynth.Function.__call__
vapoursynth.Error: Waifu2x-NCNN-Vulkan: invalid 'gpu_id'

Fix Attempts in vain:
  • Change various Waifu2x nvk parameters (GPU_ID, threads, tilesize, model, noise, resizer)
  • Change video src; no cropping; turned on x264 OpenCL(?).
  • Update NVidia GPU driver (452.xx -> 461.40)
  • Install Python 3.8.9  (I thought it was a Python thing)
  • Reinstallation + settings reset

Unrelated but other bugs encountered/Suggestion:
  • - Every startup, the x264 Quantizer Max defaults to 51 & is maxed out at 51 even though it's supposed to be 69 (8bit) or 81 (10bit). This is despite saving/loading it on x264 profiles and MainTab/Window defaults.
    Workaround: Change APC Profile to any other profile, then back. (v2020.12.13 & v2021.01.31; Win7 & Win10-1803)
  • + Ability to directly edit Output File textbox for easy name changing, like say in several outputs from one video src.
Please, read the 'Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..'-sticky before you post about a problem.

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