Better SMDegrain for VapourSynth
Quote:Is it possible to use external plugins in Hybrid?
If you know your way around Vapoursynth scripting that's what the custom section is for.

Quote: Or is it possible to implement this version of SMDegrain in future releases of hybrid?
Looking at it would require some additional changes, atm. is doesn't support using nneci3 opencl, like the version Hybrid uses. (not many changes, so no real problem)

Quote:tr > 3 uses mvsf hence requires float input, also requires mvmulti module.
So an additional color conversion (input needs to be YUV444PS) and additional dependencies. ( which requires, which I can't get to compile on anything but Windows <- this really is troublesome)
-> this would be a Windows only thing, not sure it's worth the trouble. (having to maintain a modified Windows and a modified Linux version)

Cu Selur

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