Crash to desktop when i try audio only conversion from mp3 to aac
I provided debug output in attachment.Please check it. Thanks.

PS: Hybrid crashing when i press add to queue button after setting neroaacenc as encoder and chosing mp4 container.

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Need a debug level 9 of the anaylsis and job creation to debug this.

Cu Selur
Procedure to crash:
1.Open hybrid go to config>internals and set debug output 9.
2.Go to Base>open file and add multiple mp3 files.
3.Check "Generate" To automatically sellect outpul location (Previously set and saved Location at Config>Path To drive D: somefolder)
4.Select Proccessing>Audio>Custom (Video is automatically set as ignore).
5.Go to Audio tab check audio encoding options and select bitrate 32 kbit/s and complexity high efficiency v2.Click "+" on right to add Source 1/track 1.
6.Go to base tab>processing>Audio and select option: "auto add (first)"
7.In base tab press "Add to queue button",and watch how Hybrid crashes to desktop.

Thats it.

I attach debug output level 9.

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I could reproduce the issue, problem was:
1. a typo where is mixed up two separators.
2. a mixup with the processing
-> will fix this evening after work and send you a dev build for testing

Cu Selur
It works now without problems.

Thank you. :-)

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