Encoding not using GPU
I try to encode a video using avisynth and Interframe, with gpu option selected but when encoding it runs only on cpu.
This is what I get in the log:

Detected the following cards which seem to lack NVIDIA PureVideo support:  GeForce RTX 2060  Intel® UHD Graphics 630

No card found that's supported by nvenc, the CUDA encoding library. -> Removing CUDA based encoding support. Card name was compared against: https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus

I have the latest nvidia driver and the latest hybrid version. What can I do to encode the vidoe using the GPU?

Hybrid doesn't know the card so it disables, NVEncC&Co, it doesn't influence whether interframe can use the card.
With Avisynth I have a similar problem here, but it does work fine when using Vapoursynth -> try using Vapoursynth instead of Avisynth.

Cu Selur

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