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[GUIDE] VapourSynth + QTGMC Deinterlace + Hybrid UI FAQ for macOS
Quote:The funny thing is that Waifu2x-w2xc is rather legacy and very slow, but it don't need Vulkan SDK. l33tmeatwad recommend to use faster Waifu2x NCNN Vulkan instead.
Hybrid does support both. (can't test since the vm has no hardware acceleration)

Since the VM does not support snapshots (without breaking the vm), it would be nice if someone could test the installer and check which of the:
* csrutil disable
* sudo spctl --master-disable
* Disable Gatekeeper turning back on automatically after 30 days by typing in Terminal:
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ GKAutoRearm -bool NO
* Enabe Gatekeeper by typing in Terminal:
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ GKAutoRearm -bool YES
* sudo defaults write LSQuarantine -bool NO
are really needed.

Are they only needed during installation or are they needed for Hybrid to work?
Depending on that i would adjust the README.rtf:
Quote:This Package includes:

• ‘Hybrid and Plugins’
 Which includes:
◦ the Hybrid .app-package from
◦ a bunch of VapourSynth filters
◦ ‘D2V Witch 4’ from which indexes various video streams and writes D2V files. These will be used in Hybrid with the VapourSynth plugin d2vsource.
• ‘VapourSynth R52’ installer which is needed to use VapourSynth inside Hybrid
• XQuartz 2.7.11 from which is required by Hybrid to read image sequences through the VapourSynth ImageReader.
• VulkanSDK from which is required by to run Vulkan based VapourSynth filters in Hybrid, i.e. Waifu2x nvk and SRMD

Typical install order would be:
1. Open "VapourSynth+Plugins+Scripts+Hybrid-2020.10.10.dmg"
2. Install "VapourSynth-R52.pkg"
3. Install "Hybrid 2020.09.15 and Plugins.pkg"
4. Install "XQuartz.pkg" (optional)
5. Install Vulkan (optional):
    Open "vulkansdk-macos-"
    Open Terminal & browse with the following command:
    cd /Volumes/vulkansdk-macos-
    Run the following command to install:
    sudo ./

For questions and problems you can get support over at .

Cu Selur
Ps.: Sadly QCreator and it's tools do not work on m1 Macs atm. see and, so using a new m1 Mac isn't even an option atm.
Instead of using:
sudo defaults write LSQuarantine -bool NO
to disable quarantine for downloads in general one could:
xattr -d /path/to/file
to just remove the quarantine for specific files or with
xattr -d /Library/Frameworks/VapourSynth.framework/lib/vapoursynth/*
one cloud disable the quarantine for all the vapoursynth plugins.
xattr -r -d /Applications/
one cloud disable the quarantine for all the files in the and with
xattr -r -d /Applications/
the same could be done for D2VWitch.

Cu Selur
Seems you put legacy Xquartz and legacy vulkansdk versions to the installer
yup, thought they might still be needed,..
I mean you put old versions to the new package. Why? Smile
Current XQuartz is 2.8.0 and VulkanSDK is
It also probably make sense to update FranceBB LUTs
By the way, inside Hybrid there are still few legacy duplicates of those LUTs with slightly different names.
Hybrid_2021.04.05.1 Released and now available as standalone app or as installer package with VapourSynth and Plugins directly from developer's website

Same time i still continue to support and update my "extended" package as unofficial backup.
Thank you guys for building the complete package for macOS, it works good. I just found a small problem. When the job is nearly finished and is creating the output mp4 with MP4Box it is not creating any output file, it just hangs at this point in the job. When i switch to use ffmpeg instead of MP4Box it just works as planed. Is this a known bug? Thank you in advance.
Hard to tell without a debug output,...
Wild guess: the used MP4Box version has some problem with the used streams,...

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