Grey Scale
Hi there,

how can I achieve GreyScale in Hybrid?
Aside from using Avisnth/Vapoursynth->Custom you can't (never had any use for it which is why Hybrid has no button for it). Wink
That said, you can:
  • set Filtering->Avisynth->Custom to DeDotCrawl
  • enable it
  • insert:
    inside the custom field
  • which will add a custom script part to your Avisynth script like:
    # CUSTOM SCRIPT PART - position: DeDotCrawl - START
    function CustomDeDotCrawl(clip clp) {
    # CUSTOM SCRIPT PART - position: DeDotCrawl - END

    CustomDeDotCrawl() # loading custom script content
    and your output will be gray scale, note that the output will not change the color space.
    In case your video isn't yuv but rgb the script needs to be adjusted accordingly.
    (similar goes for Vapoursynth with 'clip = core.std.ShufflePlanes(clips=clip, planes=0, colorfamily=vs.GRAY)')

    Cu Selur
Thank you!

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