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[HELP] "1920x1080" resolution video crashed

I hope this time the log is ok...
The subtitles still get skipped since the old extracted subtitles are there,..

sorry for all this
as I deleted the subtitles before, I hope this time the level 9 log will be ok...

There are multiple subtitle extraction calls with in that debug output:
"C:\Weyb Program Files\Hybrid\64bit\mkvextract.exe" tracks "D:\Mes Documents\Downloads\10-Handbrake_audio passthrough\S1944E17 - Hare Force (716x476_1527 kbps_x264_1.0_AC3_DVDRip__[eng])-20.mkv" 2:"D:\Mes Documents\Downloads\complete\S1944E17 - Hare Force (716x476_1527 kbps_x264_1.0_AC3_DVDRip__[eng])-20_id_2_lang_en.ass"
"C:\Weyb Program Files\Hybrid\64bit\mkvextract.exe" tracks "D:\Mes Documents\Downloads\10-Handbrake_audio passthrough\S1944E19 - Birdy and the Beast (984x720_8609 kbps_x264_1.0_AC3_BluRay_[eng])-22.mkv" 2:"D:\Mes Documents\Downloads\complete\S1944E19 - Birdy and the Beast (984x720_8609 kbps_x264_1.0_AC3_BluRay_[eng])-22_id_2_lang_en.idx"
"C:\Weyb Program Files\Hybrid\64bit\mkvextract.exe" tracks "E:\Dessins Animes\Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies - Ultimate Series, Complete\0 - originaux pour SV papa\1945\S1945E17 - Hare Tonic (1920x1080_10254 kbps_x264_1.0_AC3_BluRay_[multi]).mkv" 3:"D:\Mes Documents\Downloads\complete\S1945E17 - Hare Tonic (1920x1080_10254 kbps_x264_1.0_AC3_BluRay_[multi])_id_3_lang_en.sup" 4:"D:\Mes Documents\Downloads\complete\S1945E17 - Hare Tonic (1920x1080_10254 kbps_x264_1.0_AC3_BluRay_[multi])_id_4_lang_fr.sup"

what happen is you call the last one in a Windows Command Prompt?
Does it show any warnings or errors?

Cu Selur

it seems ok :

Extracting track 3 with the CodecID 'S_HDMV/PGS' to the file 'D:\Mes Documents\Downloads\complete\S1945E17 - Hare Tonic (1920x1080_10254 kbps_x264_1.0_AC3_BluRay_[multi])_id_3_lang_en.sup'. Container format: SUP
Extracting track 4 with the CodecID 'S_HDMV/PGS' to the file 'D:\Mes Documents\Downloads\complete\S1945E17 - Hare Tonic (1920x1080_10254 kbps_x264_1.0_AC3_BluRay_[multi])_id_4_lang_fr.sup'. Container format: SUP
Progress: 100%
Then I have no clue.
a. you don't see anything when trying to view the subtitle stream in the input
b. the extraction doesn't show any errors
c. the muxing of the extracted stream fails
my guess is that that either the stream or the source is broken somehow.
-> don't see a way to 'fix' this in Hybrid.

Cu selur

thank you for your time !
do you see a way to 'fix' this with an other tool please ?
One could try whether remuxing the file with ffmpeg shows any errors/warnings.
One could recreate the file from the original Blu-ray.
I doubt that there is a way to fix the subtitle stream thus ignoring it or recreating the file might be the only option.

Cu Selur
ok I'll try these ideas.

I tried to (re)mux the encoded files (which still are in the temp folder) with mkvmerge GUI, but it didn't accept the .h265 file neither the .xml file Sad
isn't it what you use to mux all the files at the end of the process ?
is it why you speak about remuxing with ffmpeg ?

Quote:isn't it what you use to mux all the files at the end of the process ?
Yes, Hybrid uses mkvmerge for muxing mkv files.
Quote:is it why you speak about remuxing with ffmpeg ?
No, I mentioned ffmpeg to see whether it reports any problems when remuxing the file.

Cu Selur

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