[HELP] Bluray encoding

Even if i'm using this tool since 1 week & lerant already many things, there's still 1 thing I don't know how to do it :
- I clicked onĀ  "Blu-ray input"
- I clicked on the logo to open a BD directory
- Hybrid scanned everything, it's seems ok
- but now ???

If I click on the "+" on the right of "generate", I see only 1 job in the job queue, whih must be the main movie.
but i'd like to encode the bonuses, and i can't find where to select them
(i'm so dummy...)

When parsing the playlists Hybrid, by default filters out all files which do not follow the restrictions mentioned under "Config->Input->Ignore playlist with".
So my advice is to disable or adjust these or if you know the playlist which belongs to the content you want directly open the corresponding playlist or use another tool.

Cu Selur
Yes ! Big Grin

with your method, there's a new window listing all the different videos (ie. "bonuses", menus, etc. I guess), so we can choose the one(s) we want to encode.
But once it's done, if I chose only 1 video the 1st time & I want now to encode an other one, how can i see the specific window again ? where can i see all the different videos to choose a new one to encode ?
do i have to load the BD again ?

Short: Yes. To get to the playlist selection the Blu-ray needs to be reopend.

When loading a Blu-ray, assuming multiple playlists are detected (depends on playlist limitation settings and the analysers used) Hybrid will show a mpls selector windows where you can select the playlists which are fully analysed. If you select playlists here and later want to change that selection you need to reanalyze the playlists which will happen if you reopen the Blu-ray.
As a side note:
a. you can also directly open a specific playlist.
b. you should at least have a minimal understanding of your input, i.e. what are the folders on a Blu-ray normally contain.

Cu Selur

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