[HELP] Change fps in order to encode faster?
Does it make sense to encode a 50-fps source at 25 fps in order to increase the encoding speed or will I have to expect poorer quality? Huh 

Whether dropping the frame rate is a good idea totally depends on your content.
For motion intensive content like 3D ego shooter content or similar it usually is a bad idea, for content like cartoon or basically a slideshow documentation it usually is no problem. Keep in mind that for example old cartoons were for example sometimes only have 18 frames per second or less. Smile

That said, encoding 50fps content at 25fps content and dropping half the frames in the process would make the encoding faster.

Problem is, you are removing potentially half the motion data so motion might end up jerky.
Instead of simply dropping every second frame you could also use sRestore (Avisynth/Vapoursynth) which might produce a bit better results.

Cu Selur
Thanks a lot.

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