[HELP] Hybrid crashes when trying to convert subtitles
I was trying to convert some videos from 23.976 FPS to 25 FPS. I also imported the subtitles and set them to be speeded up as well. But during conversion, Hybrid crashes and I am not sure why.

[Image: unknown.png]
From the looks of it for some reason the extension changed when it should not have changed.
If that doesn't help, provide proper data so I can try to reproduce the issue.
(read: [INFO] Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..)

Cu Selur
I have the same problem.
See my post "SubTitle" just below.


Quote:I have the same problem.
See my post "SubTitle" just below.
Doesn't look like it.
Your debug script only has srt subtitles, there is no unwanted renaming of subtitles or similar.
-> totally different thing
@DannyHicks: think I found the cause of the problem, the 'copy'-call (which caused the crash) shouldn't be there.
-> will build a new dev version and send you a link for testing via PM in a few minutes

Cu Selur
Ps.: Hybrid should at least not crash not totally sure your output will be sync since the input is vfr and I never tried to stretch vfr streams, so that might be problematic (telling Hybrid to create cfr output might help).

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