[HELP] Outdated SVP-AVS script Error: "Didn't find a 'Frame rate' info node!"
Here's the script. Please take a look if you got time.

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Surprised that Hybrid accepts this script at all, since it doesn't return anything.
Try whether adding 'return last' at the end of the script changes anything.

Also instead of using that script I would recommend to:
  • load the source in Hybrid
  • enable 'Filtering->Avisynth->Frame->FPS adjust' and set it to 'Interframe'
  • enable 'Filtering->Avisynth->Frame->FPS adjust->Interframe->Overwrite' and add the custom super/analyse/smoothfps parameters you used in your script
Scripts which use 'DirectShowSource' simply look wrong to me, especially for reencoding. (might be okay, for using inside a player)

Side Note:
Quote:This file is a part of SmoothVideo Project (SVP) 3.1.4
current version should be around iirc.

Cu Selur

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