[HELP] crashed creating mkv...

on 18 cartoons converted, only 1 crashed - it's quite a good news !!! :-)

I have the dev version you sent me last week - which seems to work quite fine (cf "output to PAR =1" parameter & my last comment in this post)

here is the level 4 log

kind regards
The type of file 'D:\Mes Documents\Downloads\20-Hybrid_x265-PAR1-mp3-audiogain\S1945E17 - Hare Tonic (1920x1080_10254 kbps_x264_1.0_AC3_BluRay_[multi])_id_3_lang_en.sup' could not be recognized.
Seems like the extracted subtitle are broken somehow. No clue whether they were extracted using ffmpeg or tsmuxer, trying the other might help,...

Cu Selur

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