[HELP] how to cut media with frame number?
i have a mkv file
i wantto remix this file,but i just need frame 100 to fram 200
how to cut this file with frame number?
Cutting by frame numbers is not supported by Hybrid.
If you just need to cut and your source if H.264 '[INFO] MKV Cutter - tool to cut h.264 mkv files frame accurate,.' might work.

Cu Selur

I almost have the same question: 
how can I cut a video using its chapters?
What I've done so far: Base --> Stream selection --> Chapter --> 1 to 1
Base --> Processing --> Video Passthrough / Audio Passthrough
Then the other usual stuff (filename, path,...).

But before formating my comp, I had an older version of hybrid (can't remember, ofc) which worked perfectly. On this new version, the job finishes instantly and doesn't produce any file...
Here's all the log I have:

Creating job for current source 
 -> Creating jobs for source: (1)
 -> Generating calls for: D:\encoding\test.mkv
Cut is enabled -> disabling MP4Box&MkvExtract,...
  createJobs for D:\encoding\test.mkv
   creating attachment extraction subjobs
   creating video subjobs
   creating muxing subjobs
   optimizing the subJobs
 -> finished creating subjobs for current source
  added new job with id 17_57_39_0410
starting 17_57_39_0410_01_attach@17:57:46.482 - D:\encoding\test.mkv
finished after 00:00:00.241
'Cut is enabled -> disabling MP4Box&MkvExtract,...'
=> so ffmpeg is used
That's all I can say from the data you provided.
-> [INFO] Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..
Probably a bug I can fix in case I know what's happening,..(might be a bug in the determination of the input files when mkvmerge is used,.. we will see)

Cu Selur

Ps.: send you a PM with a link to my current dev version which might fix the issue,.. (wild guess)

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