How to set up separate matroska in matroska
How could I set up a video within, for example, the boundaries of chapters in another video?
The result is that the main MKV loads the other MKV in place of those chapters. It is useful for the opening of a show, which would play the same opening which is marked by chapters.
At the moment you can't with Hybrid .
Haven't looked at that for ages. Smile

Out of the tip of my head this is how I remember this should be done.

What it requires is "--link-to-previous" and "--link-to-next".
In case the scenario where you have one intro for multiple episodes.
You would:
a. create the intro
b. check it's SID
c. Remux each of the episodes with '--link-to-previous <SID of intro>'
(Alternatively one could use mkvpropedit and '--set prev-uid')

Cu Selur

Ps.: Problem back then was that only a few players supported mkv file linking properly so for me it was not worth the trouble in the end.

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