Hybrid freezes/crashes

I have a problem with some cartoons which freezes Hybrid :
i created a global profile which encode the audio tracks & apply a automatic gain
but when i load some cartoons, Hybrid freezes or crashes

i think i have the lastest Hybrid version

here is one of the responsible cartoon + the level 4 log

Sadly the debug output only shows you loading your global profile nothing more.
-> re-read the sticky on how to create a debug output properly

Wild guess: In case the profile was created with an old version make sure to load it, check your settings and save it with the current version of Hybrid.

Cu Selur
I can confirm that your source causes Hybrid to freeze, which happens since MPlayer freezes while analyzing your source.
"mplayer.exe" -v -msglevel identify=6 -nolirc -demuxer mkv -frames 0 -novideo -vo null -ao null "PATH TO YOUR FILE"
causes MPlayer to report:
stream_seek: WARNING! Can't seek to 0xCADBE8AA9AE458 !
which causes it to freeze.
Since I can't also playback the file I guess the file is broken somehow.
Hybrid isn't meant to repair broken files.
-> Sorry, but I won't look further into this.

Cu Selur

thank you for the time spent !
I know that Hybrid isn't meant to repair broken videos Wink , I just wanted to be sure that the problem came from the video.

would there be a way to detect the broken videos before loading them in Hybrid, by any chance ?
I mean a tool in which I could load a directory & then see the results or have a report ?


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