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Input source CFR - output created VFR
Input source:
Quote:Frame rate mode : Constant
Frame rate : 25.000 FPS

Output file:

Frame rate mode : Variable
Frame rate : 25.000 FPS
Minimum frame rate : 24.381 FPS
Maximum frame rate : 25.000 FPS

Crashed creating mov file with ffmpeg
Looking at the debug output:
  • Hybrid extract the audio (2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310_01_audio) using:
    ffmpeg -y -threads 6 -i "L:\!_Video\P\!_Single\Dacia\Natalia Gulkina_-_Eto Kitaj.mkv" -map 0:1 -vn -sn -ac 2 -ar 48000 -acodec pcm_s16le -f mov -map_metadata -1 -metadata encoding_tool="Hybrid 2021.10.02.1" "C:\Windows\Temp\"
  • Hybrid extracts the video (2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310_02_video) using:
    mkvextract --ui-language en tracks "L:\!_Video\P\!_Single\Dacia\Natalia Gulkina_-_Eto Kitaj.mkv" 0:"C:\Windows\Temp\Natalia Gulkina_-_Eto Kitaj_2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310_02.264"
  • Hybrid muxes the video (2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310_03_muxing): (since ffmpeg has problems with raw .264 video)
    mkvmerge --ui-language en -o "C:\Windows\Temp\2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310__03.mkv" -d 0 --default-track 0:yes --default-duration "0:25/1fps" --aspect-ratio-factor 0:1 --fourcc 0:MP4V --no-chapters --compression -1:none --forced-track 0:yes --no-audio --no-subtitles "C:\Windows\Temp\Natalia Gulkina_-_Eto Kitaj_2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310_02.264"
  • Hybrid deletes the temp video file (2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310_04_cleanUp)
    "C:\Windows\Temp\Natalia Gulkina_-_Eto Kitaj_2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310_02.264"
  • Hybrid muxes audio&video: (2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310_05_muxing)
    ffmpeg -y  -r 25/1 -itsoffset 00:00:00.001 -i "C:\Windows\Temp\2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310__03.mkv" -i "C:\Windows\Temp\" -vcodec copy -acodec copy -metadata encoding_tool="Hybrid 2021.10.02.1" -map 0:0 -map 1:0  -aspect 746:564 -r 25/1 -f mov "L:\!_Video\P\!_Single\Dacia\Natalia Gulkina_-_Eto"
  • Hybrid deletes the temp mkv file (2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310_06_cleanUp):
  • Hybrid deletes the temp audio file (2021-10-03@23_16_04_9310_07_cleanUp):

I sadly have no clue why mediainfo report the output of those options as vfr. Only thing that seems wrong is the '-itsoffset', I'll write a workaround for that (by simply ignoring delays which absolute values < 2, since those are probably rounding errors).
-> will send you a link to a dev verison in a few minutes and go to bed then. In case that version does not help, I would need a file which allows to reproduce the issue to get to the bottom of that.

Cu Selur
Selur, I changed my first post - there is another, second debug file - Crashed creating mov file with ffmpeg
Have to go to bed in a few minutes, have to stand up in 6 hours and need some sleep.
Had a quick look at the second debug output, I know where the problem is (decimal to fraction output when looking for a fraction for 1.29104478 produces "1.61381e+08:125000000"). Will look at it tomorrow.

Cu Selur

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