Suggestions: Confirmation Dialogs & Auto Save Queue

I have two suggestions for the UI:
1. confirmation dialogs in the jobs-tab: for example if I accidently click on "remove all" instead of "clear list" ( and these two buttons are side by side) there should be a dialog, if I am sure about it.
2. A possibility to autosave my queue. Instead of manually saving my queue every time after adding a new job, it would be better, if there was an auto save option.
in short: I'll think about it.

regarding 1.: I'll think about an option to ask for confirmation on all 'remove/delete' options, personally I'm generally annoyed by such popups, but I'll think about it.
regarding 2.: atm. job queue gets saved:
- on closing.
- whenever a job is finished, assuming 'Jobs->Misc->Save job queue each time a job is finished' is enabled.
I'll think about an 'Save job queue each time a new job is added'-option.

Cu Selur
-> send you a pm with a link to a dev version for testing

Cu Selur
So I checked it out:
- Autosave works
- Confirmation Dialogs doesnt pop on any button
Quote:Confirmation Dialogs doesnt pop on any button
I'll look into it, but probably not before the weekend,...

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