Temporar AQ problem in NVENCC HEVC
Hello Selur!

Temporar AQ is an inactive and it is a non selectable option in NVENCC HEVC settings, despite NVENCC officially supports it.
Can you fix that in NVENCC?
Can you add it to the FFMPEG version of NVENC too?

And can you write a short suggestion for the users into the help panel of Hybrid, that Temporar AQ can increase quality only in VBR (Variable bitrate) mode, in CBR mode it is not suggested..
Thank you very much!

Best regards!


[Image: image.png]
'NVEncC --help' reports:
--aq-temporal                [H264] enable temporal adaptive quantization
which is why it's disabled atm.
Since https://github.com/rigaya/NVEnc/blob/mas...ions.en.md doesn't report it as H.264 only any more I'll adjust it for the next release.

Cu Selur

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