Vapoursynth Setup for MacOS
I would like to enable Vapoursynth in Hybrid for MacOS, and I don't mind manually compiling and moving files to make it work. Would you provide instructions on how to do this?

Will have to get back to you in that once I'm back from my China trip since I can't access my Mac at the moment.

Just checking to see if you had a moment to document the setup for enabling Vapoursynth in Hybrid for MacOS.

Sorry, nope.
Problem is there there doesn't seem to be a way to get a portable Python and Vapoursynth install working on Mac (like on Windows).
Only interesting and kind of outdated thing I found was:
-> Don't think there is an easy way I could describe to get Vapoursynth running on Mac.
Once Vapoursynth works, one has to compile vseditor from ( and adjust the misc.ini,...

One major slow down for me testing atm. is that my mac died and I'm not really sure when or if I buy a new one.
(compiling Hybrid atm. on the mac of my mum via teamviewer, but testing stuff like vapoursynth isn't really an option that way)

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