problem avisynth preview
MPEG files with non-standart, large GOP-size (23.3 avg / 31 max) have problem avisynth preview. if the slider is not at the beginning of the file, when changing the value of any filter or on/off it, slider itself moves to the beginning.
Sample file
Got the debug output and the file.
Can reproduce the issue, but no clue why it is happening.
-> Won't probably get around to look at it further before the weekend.

Cu Selur
Found the problem.
The IPC communication between stumbles over your file name.
-> rewrote some stuff to add a workaround for such cases.
Will send you a link to my current dev version for testing in a few minutes,...

Cu Selur
Problem still exist. Avisynth preview is working, but when I press start encoding pops up a window with an error:
Quote:but when you start coding pops up a window with an error
At the process of the encoding, the Hybrid closes itself.
According to debug output the encoding finishes "after 00:08:17.063", but after that it seems to be stuck in a loop (where it crashes after a few runs without a change) which probably happens due to the changes to the job queue processing that I made. -> will look into it Smile

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