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videotoolbox ProRes
Hello, i'm quite new to the world of transcoding so please excuse my ignorance! I currently work on a macbook and mostly work with the ProRes codecs, I've seen that FFmpeg supports videotoolbox hardware acceleration for encoding ProRes and was wondering if there was currently a way to activate it on Hybrid. I've only found one thread from 2018 that references the use of FFVideotoolbox but i can't find the option in Hybrid. I would love any clarity anyone has to offer on this subject!

Thank you!
FFVideotoolbox should be still available in MacOS, but back when I added it, it only did support H.264 and H.265 so no ProRes in Hybrid.

Cu Selur

after years I found Hybrid... not bad, but

As I am on a macbook with an "2,3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5" its very slow for all codecs....
so I was happy to read the option "Videotoolbox" which uses the performance of GPU.

I have a lot of experience using Videotoolbox option in FFMpeg since years.... its very fast for me on internal gpu hardware.

I downloaded the lastversion of Hybrid... but there is NO "FFvideotoolbox"... (I did not found)

please give me the exact position, dropdownfield.... send me a picture..... anything to find this button.

thanks in advance.


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The videotoolbox interface was never really stable when it as added.
According to what I see in the code, it should still be available on MacOS unless it was specifically removed through a misc.ini entry.
If you start Hybrid from a terminal the command line output, might show something about why FFVideoToolbox isn't there.
ok thanks..
is there any plan to develop such support on GPU....
otherwise i have to buy a very very strong processor.

Atm. there isn't any plan on developing further on MacOS.
Reasons for this are, that:
  • Building all of Hybrids dependencies on MacOS is a pain.
  • I don't own one anymore.
  • VMS have no or just unusable gpu support. (so debugging is always a time-consuming pain)
  • The Hackintosh stuff is just too unstable. (probably my system setup)
  • Macs future seems to be based on ARM and there are not many of Hybrids dependencies that can be build on ARM.
I only plan to start looking into Mac again when either others spend their time on compiling all the tools Hybrid uses for Mac or there is an automated way to build them. I simply lack the time and motivation to spend on compiling and libraries and tools to get stuff working on MacOS.
I would recommend using Windows in a dual boot setup on your MacBook, but that won't give you hardware de-/encoding support for ProRes either, since afaik. that is only available on MacOS itself.

Cu Selur
thanks for your time.
anyhow great Job.
very good quality.
keep upgrading

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