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Full Version: *hidden* Hybrid options,...
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Here I list otherwise undocumented options that I added or that are there but nearly nobody notices,..
  • extending the number of supported input formats:
    If you download the 'binary codec pack' from extract it next to your Hybrid (mencoder/mplayer binary) version and rename the extracted folder to 'codecs' Hybrids mplayer&mencoder can use the included codecs to decode even more formats.

  • Info: processing order of the avisynth filters of the avisynthExtension:
    1. input source
    2. before deinterlace
      • deblocking (depending on configuration)
      • deringing
      • color adjustments
    3. deinterlace and frame adjustments
    4. crop
    5. filtering (order depending on configuration)
      • color modifications
      • deblocking
      • vinverse
      • denoise
      • sharpening
      • deringing
      • dehalo
      • grain handling
      • stabilize
      • anit-aliasing
      • deband
      • line darkening
      • noise generator
    6. resize (depending on configuration)
    7. letterbox
    8. subtitle
    9. add logo
    10. interlace / telecine
  • Info: default settings path: here's where Hybrid normally saves it's data on you system (unless settingPath is specified)
    • Win7: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\hybrid
    • WinXP: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\hybrid
    • Linux/Mac: /home/USERNAME/.hybrid/
  • adding custom fonts: i.e. to properly render .ass some subtitles
    • Copy the font into your 'Custom font folder' (see: Config->Path->Infos)
    • Alternatively modify the fontconfig setting to scan the folder where your font lies
  • make Hybrid portable (Windows only):
    • install Hybrid on a system
    • copy the Hybrid folder to a separate folder
    • deinstall Hybrid
    • create a new subfolder inside the new folder i.e. 'settings'
    • create a misc.ini (if not preset in the folder) and change it's content to
  • misc.ini location:
    The misc.ini either needs to be next to the binary (typical for Windows) or in a ".hybrid" folder inside your home directory (typical for Mac and Linux).
  • misc.ini options:
    • disable warnings about missing tools:
      create a misc.ini (if not preset in the folder) and change it's content to
      and Hybrid will not post warnings about a missing tool1 or tool2
    • change default settings path:
      (backslashes need to be escaped!)
    • allows to run Hybrid as a user which has administrator rights (Windows only)
      I recommend not to use this if possible, if you use it and Hybrid (or a tool it comes with) messes with your files, don't blame me.
    • change GUI country:
       (country number choices ->
    • change GUI language:
       (langauge number choices ->

    • change GUI fontsize:
    • change GUI toolTipFontSize:
    • default subtitle font color:    
    • add additional mkv tags:
          this way Hybrid will add tag1 and tag2 to the list of standard tags that can be detected
    • load global profile:
              globalProfile="Path to global profile"
              this way Hybrid will load a specific global profile on start-up
    • change the default video output mode for mplayer:
      VOMODE can be in example 'directx', 'direct3d', 'gl',..
      call 'mplayer -vo help' to see which are supported by your mplayer version
    • change the default audio output mode for mplayer:
      AOMODE can be in example 'win32', 'dsound', 'sdl',..
      call 'mplayer -ao help' to see which are supported by your mplayer version
    • remove all icons:
      this way Hybrid will use text on the buttons instead of icons
    • enable support for old (nvcuenc) cuda encoder:
    • never overwrite output files:
    • enabled ssl email notification support:
      the following parameters need to be set:
      • smtpFrom="YOUR EMAIL"
      • smtpUser="USER OF THE EMAIL ACCOUNT"
      • smtpHost="SMTP SERVER ADDRESS"
    • only if all these are present, will the 'Jobs->Misc->Send email'-options be enabled
    • enabled IRC message notification support:
      the following parameters need to be set:
      • ircServer="THE IRC SERVER ADDRESS"
    • only if all these are present, will the 'Jobs->Misc->Send IRC message'-options be enabled
    • enable avisynth with wine support on Linux:
    • alternative Avisynth plugins folder:
      avisynthExtensionPath="PATH TO the plugins folder"
      note: if you use this avisynth.dll and DevIL.dll need to be either next to your Hybrid binary or in case you use WINE inside your wine Windows-System folder.
    • Monitoring a folder:
         monitorFolder="Path to folder"
      read: for a better understanding of what is done,..
    • enable vapoursynth:
    • disable search for nvidia gpu:
    • Side notes:
      • misc.ini needs to be next to the Hybrid binary, for Mac Usersthis means inside the
      • lines which start with the #-symbol are considered comments in the misc.ini file
      • misc.ini entries are Case-Sensitive
      • misc.ini always needs to start with [General] in the first line
      • here's an example misc.ini file

  • drag&drop: Hybrid will load content if you drag&drop it on it's icon/binary/shortcut
  • Command Line Interface (CLI):
    Hybrid has a bunch of parameters that can be set through the CLI:
  • additionally you can add one or multiple inputs to the Command line, so something like:
    Hybrid -style cleanlooks -stylesheet "d:\Hybrid\styles\black-blue_plastique.qss" -global "c:\MyProfiles\makeItSmall.xml" -autoAdd addAndStart "d:\Input1.avi" "d:\InputX.mp4"
    is possible
  • Additional aac encoders:
    • fhgaacenc: to use fhgaacenc, you need to either install WinAmp 5.6+ or libmp4v2.dll and enc_fhgaac.dll inside the Hybrid folder. (Windows only)
    • NeroAacEnc: download NeroAacEnc and extract the neroAacEnc binary into the Hybrid/32bit folder; on linux to /usr/bin/ or similar (Window&Linux only)
    • qaac: requires the 'Apple Application Support', which comes with Quicktime and Itunes, to be installed (Windows only)
    • fdkaac: should either be included in you self compiled ffmpeg or in a also self compile fdkaac binary, which you simply need to place next to the Hybrid binary, for Hybrid to detect it. For Windows there is a FDKaac autobuild script, thereavisynthOnLinux are no fdkaac binary downloads since it's license forbids it (unless you pay a license an got a written allowance).
  • Building the tools needed for Hybrid under Windows:
    To build the tools Hybrid uses under Windows I normally use jb-alvarado's media-autobuild_suite.
I'll update the list once I add new undocumented options,...

Cu Selur