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Full Version: Apple going ARM,...
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What do you think about Apple switching to ARM processors?

For them I see the appeal:
a. the get more independent from Intel and AMD
b. the can better customize their hardware
c. they can lock down their systems more and might get rid of Hackintosh users for a few years once they witch completely to ARM only.

For developers it will be a pain since all tools will have to be compiled and optimized for ARM and might require some additional adjustment to run on their software and cpu.
Sure the next two years there is Rosetta 2, but that is only for the next to years, then you will have to stick with your old OS and Hardware or you will have to be sure you code runs on ARM.
(hopefully Qt will have ARM support and all the tools Hybrid uses can be compiled for ARM till then otherwise even when I get my hands on a new Mac Hybrid would have to be rewritten completely,...)

Cu Selur