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Full Version: Vapoursynth: 'Apply filter only to range'-option?
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I'm thinking of adding an 'Apply filter only to range'-option to some of the filters.
The idea is to use ReplaceFramesSimple from and use it like this:
clip = core.remap.Rfs(baseclip=clip, sourceclip=adjust.Tweak(clip=clip, bright=40), mappings="[0 10] [30 40] [100 200]")
to for example apply Tweak only to the frame 0..10 30...40 100..200.

So I would add this to filters that:
a. to not change the resolution or frame count
b. do not consist of multiple filter calls

Would this be useful to anyone? (it's easy to add, but requires time to implement)

Cu Selur

Searching for Vapoursynth select a range of frames, I found the above post from 2017!  I found a this wonderful idea! How come there is no interest? There are filters better for fast motion i.e BasicVSR, others are better in more "static" scenes... or to apply "retinex" to certain range of frames makes sense! For me this very important... so a donation is in order... and if we have a way to automatically detect "fast motion frames" or "dark scenes" that would be a bonus!

ps where can I find more info about retinex?

you might want to enable the options under "Filtering->Vapoursynth->Misc->UI"
[Image: grafik.png]
this will enable some additional controls on the right side of the filters:
[Image: grafik.png]

about Retinex:

Cu Selur