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Full Version: DG tools are now free
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Quote:Licensing (DRM) has been removed from DGDecNV and DGDemuxGUI/DGDemux. They will remain closed source for now. The executables remain copyrighted and may not be redistributed without written permission.

Donald Grafts tools can be found over at his site:

Cu Selur
Nice, just got an answer from Donald Graft and I'm allowed to ship DGDecNV with Hybrid in the future. Big Grin
Thanks to Donald for this! Big Grin

Cu Selur
Windows only?
Yes, afaik. sadly all of DGs tools are Windows only.
But from the message DG posted he is at least planning to create a Linux version and so there might be hope for a Mac OS version, but atm. it's Windows only.

Cu Selur