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Full Version: Wondering what others think VapourSynth is missing,..
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Here's a list of stuff I miss in VapourSynth which Avisynth does offer:
  • AnimeIVTC
  • ExDeblend
  • RemoveDirt where RestoreMotionBlocks works with noisy != 0
  • AutoAdjust
  • InpaintDelogo
  • Inpainting filter that works.

What do you think Vapoursynth is missing?

Cu Selur
I'd also like to see InpaintDelogo. I hear it's a good watermark/logo/burnt in timecode removal filter.
Yup, sadly, neither the script nor the filters used in it are available in Vapoursynth. (asked the AvsInpaint author about a Vapoursynth port in the issue tracker, yesterday)
Haven't even been able to find a working way to use inpainting in general in Vapoursynth.
No binaries for (asked in the issue tracker, back in May
Can't get work. Posted a week ago in their issuetracker (, but no replay so far. Sad

InpainDelogo does a nice job removing logos&co. Smile

Cu Selur
Can it work in Hybrid with AviSynth?
In theory: yes, you could write add it with the necessary includes into a custom section. (you would also have to download the necessary filters that do not come with Hybrid).

Cu Selur
It would be very useful, if you have the time to include it Smile
Sorry, but not planning to add this to Avisynth in Hybrid any time soon.

Cu Selur
Did you have any success with InPaint or logo removal for Hybrid? The thread above looks like you had some success.
Using OpenCV is possible, but without any temporal awareness and the quality of the results it does not make sense for video filtering.
Nope, nothing usable atm. is available for Vapoursynth.
Everything that is available is:
a. slow
b. complicated to use
c. doesn't result in really usable results.

Cu Selur
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