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Full Version: Using Vapoursynth on Mac OS X
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To be able to use Vapoursynth on Mac OS X I recommend to use:
The VapourSynth macOS Installer from l33tmeatwad.
The general steps are:
  • download the latest release (currently: VapourSynth_R43_180403.pkg)
  • install it
  • download the latest Vapoursynth Scripts for Hybrid (currently 20180410)
  • copy it's content (the files) into your '/Library/Frameworks/VapourSynth.framework/lib/python3.6/site-packages/'-folder
  • Start up Hybrid (v2018008+) and enable Filtering->Support->Vapoursynth

Side note:
copying can be done with for example:
sudo cp /Users/selur/Downloads/VapoursynthScriptsInHybrid-20180408/* /Library/Frameworks/VapourSynth.framework/lib/python3.6/site-packages/

Cu Selur