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Full Version: about AV1 and HDR
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Hi Selur,

Just downloaded Hybrid after reding some of you comments on Doom 9. I am very impressed by our work. 
Do you have any plans here for the coming AV1 in Hybrid? How well do you know this codec? 

Also what is the HDR story on x265 and AV1 in general? do you have any plans to expand the GUI and feature set for this? 

a. HDR signaling for x265 is supported for quite a while and judging by user feedback it's working as it should.
b. AV1 support is planned; basic source code is written, mainly waiting for the AV1 bitstream to be finalized. I then can do some testing and release the first Hybrid version with AV1 support.

Cu Selur
Small update:
Wrote support for encoding to AV1 using aomenc and rav1e which seems to work fine, but since muxing to mkv currently doesn't work I'm not releasing a version which supports encoding to AV1 atm.

Regarding AV1 and HDR: neither aomenc nor rav1e does support any hdr signaling atm.

Cu Selur