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Full Version: I will be in China between the 6. and 31. of October
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just wanted to let you know that I'll be in China in October (06.-31.)
6.-20.: I'm on a 15 day sight-seeing tour
20.-31.: I'll stay in Shanghai visiting a friend. Attending the Chinese wedding party and otherwise doing some sight seeing in Shanghai.

a. don't be surprised when I won't be that responsive to posts here, especially the first few days since I probably rarely got internet then. Wink
b. If anyone is in Shanghai at the same time and wants to get a drink, hang out or whatever: I got free time and happy to meet people. Smile

Cu Selur
Please tell us if it is really true, that the moon is visible from the chinese wall with poor eyes.
The moon is visible with poor eyes even here in Germany. (And no, you can't see the Chinese Wall from outer space that well. Wink)

Cu Selur