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Aomec encoder error - Brutoloco - 17.02.2021

Hybrid version: Windows x64 Hybrid_dev_2021.02.03-174253

I have found that aomec encoder is not working and I have seen something more which could be related to it.

Some "enconding mode" options are "mixed" or not related to the available options of each one. Check the example on the image attached.

Description of the problem: For example, the default mode for aomenc, finishes 1st pass and keep tilted in 2nd pass.

Checked other AV1 encoders:

Rav1e is neither working. Like aomenc.

Svt-av1 seems to work normally

Thanks Selur

RE: Aomec encoder error - Selur - 17.02.2021

Will look into it today after work.
Had a fast look:
- mapping with aoemenc is broken; (will fix)
- rave1e 2pass job processing is broken (will fix)

Cu Selur

RE: Aomec encoder error - Selur - 17.02.2021

Send you a PM with a link to a dev version which should fix the issues. (seem to be fixed here)

Cu Selur

RE: Aomec encoder error - Selur - 17.02.2021

Sorry, uploaded the wrong version.
Will send you a new link in ~15min.

Cu Selur