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HDR encoding/settings?! - shazzla - 01.07.2021

Hi all !

I have an UHD MKV (HDR) movie.
I would like to convert it to 1080p HDR.
What parameters do i need to set on/off in the SIGNALING menu?
Atm i dont have a HDR capable TV,so cant check the results..

Thanks in advance!

RE: HDR encoding/settings?! - Selur - 01.07.2021

Assuming it's HDR10 (not HDR10+ or Dolby Vision) and you are using x265, you should enable
  • x265->Signaling->General Signaling->HDR
  • x265->Signaling->Video Usability Information->Color
  • x265->Signaling->Video Usability Information->Matrix
  • x265->Signaling->HDR-10/HDR-10+->Light Level
  • x265->Signaling->HDR-10/HDR-10+->Master Display

Cu Selur

RE: HDR encoding/settings?! - shazzla - 01.07.2021

Thanks ,Selur,but i will be back with this question within few days... ( i hope)