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Video is progressive yet has combing - Miranda - 24.08.2021

What is the best way of fixing this? What would the input type be in Hybrid?

I see the QTGMC filter can help, but not sure of the settings:

Can remove horizontal shimmering effects from progressive sources. Experiment with InputType=1, 2 or 3 for best results. FPS will not be doubled

RE: Video is progressive yet has combing - Selur - 24.08.2021

If you want to use Hybrid as denosie filter and not Deinterlcer use Filtering->Vapoursynth (or Avisynth)->Denoiser->QTGMC.
Filtering->Avisynth->DeNoise->Vinverse or Filtering->Vapoursynth->Frame->Misc->Vinverse/Vinverse2 might also help.
If none of them help, the usual approach is to downscale hotizontally to get rid of the combing and then upscale horizontal back to the orginal resolution.
This would have to be made in a custom Avisynth or Vapoursyth section.

Cu Selur

Ps.: There a quite a bunch of threads (and solutions) about this over at