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Encoding queue stops. - shazzla - 26.09.2021

Hi Selur !

Encoding queue suddenly stops. I doesnt advances to the next job.

I have nearly 10 jobs in queue,starts the first one ,finished successfully,but thats all.
The next ones status : WAITING
Manual start required to continue the jobs.
No matter whats the input.(all of them are 2X gigs BD .mkv files)

Version : 2021.07.18.1 (portable mode,run as admin)
Error msgs : Nothing...
OS : Win10 x64 - 1909 build 18363.592
Sample : cannot send. Those are 20 gigs files.

Debug-file sent via PM. (MEGA-link)

Thanks in advance !

RE: Encoding queue stops. - Selur - 26.09.2021

I think my current dev version might already fix the issue.
Send you a link via PM.
Please try and let me know whether it helped.

Cu Selur

RE: Encoding queue stops. - shazzla - 26.09.2021

Many thanks!
Will try and report back ASAP!

RE: Encoding queue stops. - shazzla - 27.09.2021

Installed the Dev. version you sent me.
Jobs are recreated and it LOOKS GOOD now.