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Keeping HDR Metadata with vpxenc - TheJ - 15.10.2021

So I'm currently compressing my movies and some of them is in HDR, Hybrid for some reason would output an SDR video instead, tried specifying the color space to bt2020 with 10bit 4:2:0 but it still doesn't work

tried it in ffmpeg and it works flawlessly, only problem being libvpx-vp9 doesn't have enough option to tinker around with

what am I doing wrong?

RE: Keeping HDR Metadata with vpxenc - Selur - 15.10.2021

You are not aware that VP9 doesn't signal HDR data on stream, but container level.
If you call "vpxenc --help" to see the options vpxenc offers you can see that there is no option for hdr signaling. Wink

So what you have to do is:
  • enable "Config->MKV tagging->Matroska advanced video signaling"
  • hit the "Config->MKV tagging->Matroska advanced video signaling->Import HDR data from source"
  • enabled the signaling you want to keep
Since this is container and not stream level signaling you can simply open your already encoded stream, set passthrough everything, adjust the signaling as mentioned and create a new job which should work fast, since it basically just extracting and muxing the streams.

Cu Selur