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Useful GLSL Filters with parameters? - Selur - 30.01.2022

since shader_s works nowadays, I can add support for GLSL filter which have parameters in their glsl scripts by replacing them inside the script. Smile
Atm. Hybrid only comes with two filters which support this adaptivesharpen.glsl and LumaSharpenHook.glsl, but I someone knows another useful glsl filter which parameters let me know and I can add them to Hybrids GUI.


Known glsl filters with parameters:
  • adaptive-sharpen.glsl
  • Anime4K_Darken_HQ.glsl
  • Anime4K_Darken_VeryFast.glsl
  • Anime4K_Deblur_Original.glsl
  • Anime4K_Thin_Fast.glsl
  • Anime4K_Thin_HQ.glsl
  • Anime4K_Thin_VeryFast.glsl
  • LumaSharpenHook.glsl
Known glsl resize filters with parameters:
  • Anime4K_Upscale_CNN_L_x2_Deblur.glsl
  • Anime4K_Upscale_CNN_L_x2_Deblur.params
  • Anime4K_Upscale_CNN_M_x2_Deblur.glsl
  • Anime4K_Upscale_CNN_M_x2_Deblur.params
  • Anime4K_Upscale_CNN_UL_x2_Deblur.glsl
  • Anime4K_Upscale_CNN_UL_x2_Deblur.params
  • Anime4K_Upscale_DoG_x2_Deblur.glsl
  • Anime4K_Upscale_DoG_x2_Deblur.params
  • Anime4K_Upscale_Original_x2_Deblur_x2.glsl
  • Anime4K_Upscale_Original_x2_Deblur_x2.params

Cu Selur