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"Reverse" bad de-interlaced footage - hempo22 - 11.07.2022

Hi everyone!

I'm in the middle of restoring my old short films and I've been deinterlacing and upscaling with Hybrid and Vapoursynth with great success!

But on this one short I have a problem (in just one scene!) with what looks like bad de-interlacing:

[Image: Sk-rmavbild-2022-07-11-kl-12-52-47.png]

The rest of the film looks fine on the master tape and even after using Hybrid for upscaling and de-interlacing. It's just this one scene that is am interlace-y kind of wobbly mess!

It was shot on a JVC HDV camera in native 720p but mastered to regular DV tapes in PAL SD. I don't really remember my project settings in Premiere Pro (It's been over 15 years) but it must have been fine if the rest of the film looks fine, but I think did something to this scene in After Effects (stabilized or something) and probably screwed up the export in AE before importing the file into Premiere and putting it on the timeline before mastering to tape.

So my question is if there's something I can do about this, if I can't eliminate it completely can I at least reduce this wobbly waviness?Please, read the 'Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..'-sticky before you post about a problem.

RE: "Reverse" bad de-interlaced footage - Selur - 11.07.2022

This reminds me a bit of, so I gues there is no 'good' solution.
Can you share a short sample of that wobbly part? (before processing it with Hybrid)
I got a few ideas, which all require custom scripting, but maybe one of the ideas acctually works. Wink

Cu Selur

RE: "Reverse" bad de-interlaced footage - hempo22 - 12.07.2022

Here you go:!AgEZk0MEJkv0ZEI6_JUH63SXDee-UsTg70KDoMQI80BNfyVkBErwvnBt-fa1mNTxJTPl5TAAZxWdxm61p3QmmU2oMNUOq9kbgL20NDpgi0bILpa20I7ia0NfdCdBI--FtJV2hRGRsww

PW: 4SelurOnly

RE: "Reverse" bad de-interlaced footage - Selur - 12.07.2022

got the file, will look at it. Smile

RE: "Reverse" bad de-interlaced footage - hempo22 - 12.07.2022

many thanks Smile

RE: "Reverse" bad de-interlaced footage - Selur - 12.07.2022

Sadly I haven't would a way to fix it.
But I'm pretty sure on of the folks over at might have an idea.

RE: "Reverse" bad de-interlaced footage - hempo22 - 13.07.2022

That's ok, thank you for taking your time to try Smile

This short also had a couple of places of awful frame corruption where 5-8 frames ramp up to like 90% red pixels making it impossible to paint out. No idea how that happened, but considering this was my first short as writer/director and it's kind of bad maybe these technical issues will distract from my faults as a filmmaker, haha.

Thanks again Smile