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[INFO] Updates,...
Hybrid rev 2019.11.23.1:
  • muxing: ffmpeg indicating vfr even when video is cfr
  • video: x265 HDR-10+ signaling
  • video: maxCLL typo related to STV-HEVC encoding (can't be used there anyways so more a cosmetic fix)
  • video: NVEncC multi level typo bug
  • Avisynth: crop not working with custom resizer
  • muxing: mp4 language passthrough
  • gui: VIDEOHANDLING problem on Linux
  • profiles: Do not allow to load Global Profiles while a source is loaded.
  • Vapoursynth: Make sure that after QTGMC the clip is preceived as frame based.
  • video: NVEncC allow L0 and L1 references at the same time
  • video: x265 added support for 'scenecut-aware-qp' with 'scenecut-window' and 'max-qp-delta'

-> downloads:

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2019.12.01.1:
  • video: x265 make sure 'fixed quantizer' zones use integer
  • muxing: Hybrid doesn't send 'und' to MP4Box but empty language strings
  • muxing: option to overwrite not only container but additionally stream aspect ratio

-> downloads:

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2020.01.11.1:
  • analyse: HDR parameter import rounding
  • Synth: ignore timecodes for output if FrameInterpolation or Restore is
  • cosmectice: AudioTab, AudioInfo on track change
  • Synth: ImageSource handling
  • video: qsv encoding mode
  • tools: manual set tools could cause crashes
  • Vapoursynt: Waifu2x limited range compression by using RGBS
  • video: vsPipe Problem gefixed
  • video: NVEnc only singal VUI in case VUI Signaling is enabled
  • audio: handling of multiple trueHD streams with ffmpeg
  • jobs: mkvmerge muxing timecodes parallel processing
  • video: x265 support histogram scence change detection
  • audio: dts-es muxing
  • Synth: allow to set LibWAV HW decoding preference
  • Vapoursynth: allow Waifu2X even when resize resolution is the same as the crop resolution.
  • Vapoursynth: added support for EdgeFixer
  • Synth: 'SelectRangeEvery' for Avisynth and Vapoursynth (video only!)

-> downloads:

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2020.01.12.1:
  • decode: crash when ffmpeg was not compiled with 'zscale'
-> downloads:

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2020.02.16.1:
  • Video: QSVEnc encoding mode mapping.
  • Vapoursynth: custom script mismapping
  • Vapoursynth: SelectRangeEvery and Tweak
  • Vapoursynth: Fixed HDR to SDR DG call
  • Vapoursynth: HDRToSDR
  • Vapoursynth: LWLivavSource use track instead of streamindex
  • Avisynth: removed 8bit enforcement for Tweak and Levels
  • Video: aomenc - tx64 handling
  • Profile: error message regarding 'input' when loading a GlobalDataModel
  • Muxing: mp4 video&audio tagging
  • Video: NVEnc, arib-std-b67 vs. arib-srd-b67
  • Muxing: h264 avi muxing
  • Analysis: mediainfo video bitrate indication
  • Avisynth: handling high bitdepth content
  • Decoder: FFmpeg decoder call
  • Avisynth: force LibavSource for AV1 content
  • Avisynth: make sure BalanceBorders isn't used when Top/Bottom/Left/Right isn't mod 2
  • Vapoursynth: option to save/load custom script content
  • Video: rav1e added "--threads X", "--switch-frame-interval X", "--reservoir-frame-delay X" and "--rdo-lookahead-frames X"
  • Video: NVEncC added support for '--psnr', '--ssim'
  • check for update
  • Synth: removed FFms2k (it's changes were incorporated in ffms2)

-> downloads:

Cu Selur

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