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[INFO] Updates,...
Hybrid rev 2020.07.11.1:
  • Avisynth: limit LSFMod to YV12
  • Startup/Shutdown crashes
  • Vapoursynth: LGhost

-> downloads:

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2020.07.11.1:
  • Vapoursynth: saving profiles
  • Vapoursynth QTGMC bob
  • General: restting Defaults caused two instances to open
  • Jobs: tsMuxeR temp and input file handling
  • Filtering: Removed the "force deinterlace" option, instead 'Overwrite input scan type to' should be used.
  • Tools: adjusted to latest NVEncC 'check-features' changes
  • Audio: remove unneeded '-ac' in ffmpeg call
  • Avisynth: 64bit Support, support 32bit and 64bit Avisynth jobs at the same time in the jobqueue (Windows only)

-> downloads:

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2020.10.10.1:
  • Avisynth: handling QTGMC field order
  • Video: nvencc version check
  • Vapoursynth: Cnr2, typo sceneChroma -> scenechroma
  • Video: NVEncC bluray input with 'encoder only' not starting encoding
  • Avisynth+: no preRo for Text subittle
  • Vapoursynth: sRestore output frame count calculation fixex: Preview not working with crop
  • Vapoursynth: handle TimeCude filename changes
  • Synth: some colorMatrix fixes
  • Avisynth: DFMDeRainbow load mvtools for motion compensation
  • Vapoursynth: Fix Combed to IVTC
  • Analysis: aspect ratio detection
  • Avisynth: 64bit preview
  • Vapoursynth: restrict VFM Mi to blockx*blocky
  • Video: problem with aoemenc and svthevc
  • Vapoursynth: fixed Santiang typevh typo to typev, "AntiAliasing" - Nedi3aa vs "AnitAliasing - Nedi3aa"
  • Vapoursynth: deleting profiles
  • Vapoursynth: MAA missing dependecies
  • Analysis: prefer stream aspect ratio
  • Video: scanorder handling especially for DNxHD
  • Tools: tsMuxeR version check
  • Cosmetics: Bunch of cosmetic changes
  • Video: Using xvid_encraw instead of mencoder for XviD encoding.
  • Vapoursynth: using D2VSource instead of MPEG2DecPlus
  • Tools: use 64bit of vStripFree, Telxcc and MP4FPSmod (Windows only)
  • Synth: added QTGMC custom addition
  • Synth: splitting QTGMC into "QTGMC - Deinterlacer" (InputType = 0) and "QTGMC - Filter" (InputType > 0)
  • Vapoursynth: Anime4KCPP support for HDNLevel Option
  • Vapoursynth/Avisynth: in custom section you can now overwrite width, height, scantype and colorformat using: Note that these values are only respected inside the Vapoursynth/ Avisynth script.
    Frame rate and frame count need to be globally overwrite using "Filtering->Misc->Overwrite output". All other values also need to be overwritten globally if you set them.
  • Vapoursynth: Levels handling
  • Avisynth: added QTGMC MatchPreset, MatchPreset2, MatchEnhance
  • Crop: lowered min Crop-Width-Mult from 0.75 to 0.7
  • Avisynth: TDecimate added additional parameters
  • Vapoursynth: VIVTC added Deinterlacer option
  • Avisynth: Flash3KDeband adjust output bit depth
  • Avisynth: TemporalDegrain requires 8bit input
  • Vapoursynth: KNLMeans adjust RGBX
  • Vapoursynth: TimeCube RGB handling
  • Vapoursynth: restrict filters based on Hqdn3d to 8bit
  • Tools: look also for '3D controller" in lspci output for video card
  • Analysis: added option to prefer stream luma range
  • Video: changed ProRes models to¬† proxy, lt, standard, hq, 4444, 4444x
  • Avisynth: added RemoveDirt
  • Output: added 'Config->Output->MKV Contains->Matroska advanced video signaling->Import HDR data from source'
  • Video: Cineform HD support
  • Filtering: option to flip video horizontally
  • Tools: nvhsp not used on Windows, hardly working on Linux&Mac, sadly ffmpeg does still not support signaling max cll/fall etc
  • Tools: not using ffmbc any more
  • Avisynth support on MacOS

-> downloads:

Cu Selur

Ps.: Added Mac OS back to the release OSs.
Hybrid rev 2020.10.11.1:
  • Vapoursynth: TDeintMod in VIVTC and FixCombed
  • Muxing: always used ffmpeg for mkv muxing
  • Vapoursynth: add 'Use RGB' for Limiter and Levels and use it as default.
  • Vapoursynth: extend compatible TimeCube color spaces by RGBS
  • Filtering: "fieldmatch + yadif + deint + decimate2" as IVTC through FFmpeg method.
  • Vapoursynth: support for mClean due to missing TemporalMedian library. (MacOS only)

-> downloads:

Cu Selur

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