Linux Vapoursynth problems
Quote:Some UI elements (typically the bold headers on almost all tabs) look displaced on a 4k screen. Is this known/relevant/important enough
Have you tried using another theme?

Quote:renice: failed to set priority for 9057 (process ID): Permission denied
This happens in case the Hybrid used is not allowed to adjust the priority of the current thread.
I doubt it is related to the problem, but I'll compile a dev linux version for you to test, just to be sure.
no clue what's causing the:
malloc_consolidate(): invalid chunk size
Aborted (core dumped)

Cu Selur
Thanks for the new version. Unfortunately the problem remains.

As for the UI:
It looks like it's dependent on the DE used, not the theme. The UI looks good in KDE, but then KDE uses quite a special scaling mechanism.
I know 4k is a difficult topic, especially in Linux with its many DEs...

Best regards,
Some distros also use modified Qt libraries which also sometimes causes strange problems. :/

Side note:
Since you wrote that you use Linux Mint, I'm surprised that you use KDE, since iirc Mint dropped the KDE support last year,... so it might be a problem with the combination of Mint&KDE,..

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