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Hybrid 2019.06.09.2 - Blank (mostly...) window
So, I only use Hybrid every once in a while, and lately I've been having trouble getting it to open successfully if it's been a while since I launched it.
Today, I went in to open it and got the problem where you see the splash screen, then it just closes with no error.

Uninstalled the old version, deleted settings and downloaded the current build.
Installed and run, and I get this...


None of the controls are properly setup, options not filled in, tool bar missing...

Not really sure where to go from here...

It's windows 10 1809...
I have never seen that effect, looks like part of the resources that come with Hybrid couldn't be loaded.
My first guess would be that you installed some program in Windows which modifies the Windows themes and interferes with Qt. By default Hybrid has no blue bar at the top,... (see attachment)
Second guess would be that some anti virus (firewall) solution is interfering with Hybrids Qt backend. (screenshot was taken on Windows 19 1903, but looked the same in 1809)

Cu Selur

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No AV on this machine (other than 10's built in windows defender...)
I'll look through the last installed apps and see if anything jumps out to me.
But the last things I remember installing are just updates for Resolve and drivers and such...
Davinci Resolve doesn't cause such a problem here.
Like I wrote my guess is that it is something which changes the themes/designs of windows.
Could also be some other tool using Qt which runs in the background (or in parallel while Hybrid is running).

You can try whether is makes a difference if you add to the execution call of you Hybrid-shortcut for example ' -style windows' (or -style fusion') and see whether this has any effect. (This normally enforces a specific default styling)

Cu Selur
Nope... Only thing installed recently are updates to existing stuff, mostly BlackMagic...
Nothing at all that uses QT.

So, -style windows actually is a bit worse than standard, fusion is a tiny bit better.
Neither of them have any of the controls populated though...
Quote:Neither of them have any of the controls populated though...
Okay, I hoped that it would kind of help, since that would indicate I could write some code to force the 'normal' view.

This also isn't like Hybrid normally behaves, since I normally use it under Windows and would have noticed if I changed something that changes this and a bunch of other users would have this issue too and hopefully report this. :/

-> no clue what could cause this

Cu Selur

Ps.: will send you a link to my latest dev version i build to see whether that version somehow fixes the issue somehow. (it will contains newer Qt libraries, maybe those help with the issue)

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