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[INFO] Admin rights and crash
So I ran across so many problems with this hybrid running with admin rights or after I fixed that I would run into GUI Closing all together! 

Heres the two fixes! 

1. Hybrid is running with admin rights? 

All you have to do is right click hybrid and click open file location. Now open notepad paste this into notepad: 
runAsAdmin=true now save the file as misc.ini and save it into the hybrid folder in Program Files. 
Done open hybrid!  Smile

2. Hybrid gui is closing? 
This was a head scratcher I tried everything to reinstalling windows to reinstalling uninstalling hybrid only to find
out all you have to do is allow hybrid through windows firewall or turn windows firewall off while youre using it ! 

Thank you for reading and I hope this helped! <3
Seems like you:
a. need to fix you keyboard since your "caps lock"- or "shift"-key is sometimes stuck
or you
b. are are really rude person.

That said no, clue why the Windows firewall would cause Hybrid to crash doesn't happen here.
Might be related to running Hybrid with admin rights which is not recommend and if you don't complain if anything unintended happens.
Hybrid is not developed to be run with admin rights, doing so is possible but like I wrote not recommended.

Cu Selur
I meant no disrespect or rudeness I was honestly just trying to help. These solutions are what i came up with to fix these issues I promise you. Let me continue with I love your program and really just wanted to post a fix for others so they could use hybrid for what it is an amazing program.

With Love, 
Okay, for the future, please remember using all capital letters is usually interpreted as screaming which usually is not a good way trying to convey information.

Cu Selur
(12.08.2019, 04:51)Selur Wrote: My apologies. I can understand why that went past my head I appreciate it thank you <3 

One question, why does Hybrid needs to be allowed trought the firewall in order to work?
I mean, why does Hybrid requires that?
That depends on your firewall sensitivity.
  • Hybrid uses IPC ( to communicate with avsViewer, vsViewer.
  • Hybrid checks the current Network ID to generate a temporal ID for the client jobs
  • Hybrids 'Config->Tools->Check for new release' option, tries to download the version.txt from you check whether it differs from the current version, but this only happens when triggered by the user.
-> If your firewall hinders IPC Hybrid will not work properly other than that Hybrid does not need an internet or LAN connection to work.

Cu Selur

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