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DePan or DePanStabilize in GUI
Hi i dont finded in GUI Hybrid DePan or DePanStabilize setting.
Do you can anyone screenshot where is settihns for DePan or DePanStabilize? (in Avisynth)
Hybrid atm. uses supports Depan&DepanEstimate through Stab (see: which can be configured under "Filtering->Avisynth->Other->Stabilizer->Stab".

Cu Selur
Stab from the tests on internet have small stabilization effect.

And in your pack included DePan.dll package (Filters, Avisynth). Why not have GUI for this? Or where i can manual scripting for this package?
Quote:Why not have GUI for this?
  • adding stuff takes time
    DePanEstimate ( clip, int range, float trust, int winx, int winy, int wleft, int wtop, int dxmax, int dymax, float zoommax, float stab, float pixaspect, bool info, string log, bool debug, bool show, string extlog)
    DePan (clip, clip data, float offset, int subpixel, float pixaspect, bool matchfields, int mirror, int blur, bool info, string inputlog
    DePanInterleave (clip, clip data, int prev, int next, int subpixel, float pixaspect, bool matchfields, int mirror, int blur, bool info, string inputlog)
    DePanStabilize (clip, clip data, float cutoff, float damping, float initzoom, bool addzoom, int prev, int next, int mirror, int blur, int dxmax, int dymax, float zoommax, float rotmax, int subpixel, float pixaspect, int fitlast, float tzoom, bool info, string inputlog, int method)
    DePanScenes ( clip, string inputlog, int plane)
    are quite a bit of options for which I would need to add limits, dependencies,....
  • I only use them with stab
  • no one requested it

Quote:where i can manual scripting for this package?
Assuming you know your way around Avisynth you can add custom scripts using: Filtering->Avisynth->Custom
1. use the Avisynth Script Preview to understand how the additions will be used in the script
2. remember to properly load all dependencies etc.

Cu Selur
Where can I request to add this feature to the GUI?
Here Smile
Simply by asking for it with:
a. the willingness to test and report bugs in dev versions to which I would send you links (to be sure the mayor bugs have been found before I add a new feature to a release)
b. being able to argue why adding feature X is really a gain that isn't already been (better) covered by another filter.
by looking at DePan&Co seem to be mainly used for:
a. frame interpolation (where Interframe&Co usually provide better results)
b. deshaking which is basically covered by Stab:
function Stab (clip clp, int "range", int "dxmax", int "dymax", int "mirror") {

range = default(range, 1)
dxmax = default(dxmax, 4)
dymax = default(dymax, 4)
mirror = default(mirror, 0)

temp = clp.TemporalSoften(7,255,255,25,2)
inter = Interleave(temp.Repair(clp.TemporalSoften(1,255,255,25,2)),clp)
mdata = DePanEstimate(inter,range=range,trust=0,dxmax=dxmax,dymax=dymax)

DePan(inter,data=mdata,offset=-1, mirror=mirror )
SelectEvery(2,0) }
So I would be interested in how would Hybrid need to use DePan&Co to be useful?
May be it would be better to extend the 'Stab' script to allow more parameters.

Since I personally don't use DePan I might be overlooking some of it's options.

Simply asking for DePan&Co support won't convince me since I don't know much about the filters and would probably spend a few hours per filter for it's implementation.

Cu Selur

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