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[HELP] Problems with QTGMC (Avisynth)
I used Hybrid 20191201 and QTGMC (Avisynth) with default settings (it is optimal for me) on Windows 10 1903
Then i installed Windows 10 1909 and fresh version Hybrid and got problems with default settings QTGMC (Avisynth) for all video files.

[Image: 135108120_2020-01-31_120420.jpg]

Filtering input files,..
Analysing 1 input files,...
Analyzing '999.mkv'.
Checking a/v ids with FFMpeg VideoAnalyser,...
Grabbing audio ids for D:\Video\999.mkv.
-> Found the following audio ids: 0
Analyzing audio streams,...
  Analyzing audio stream with id '0'.
   Analyzing audio stream with MPlayer AudioAnalyser for id '0',...
   Grabbing audio data and delay infos,...
Grabbing video ids,...
  -> Video ids found: 0
Analyzing video streams...
  Analyzing video stream (0).
-> Forcing time code extraction, since input is detected as vfr!
Extracting time codes from mkv for track with id 0.
Adjusting frame count (752) to time code entry count (754).
starting auto routines for source number: 1
Detected interlaced Material with 29,../59,.. fps, but didn't detect the material to be telecine. You might want to run 'Filtering->(De-)Interlace/Telecine->Deinterlace/Telecine Settings->Analyse'.
-> finished auto routines for source number: 1
Input is completely analysed,...
Creating job for current source
-> Creating jobs for source: (1)
-> Generating calls for: D:\999.mkv
  Ignore time codes for output since Avisynth 'FPS adjust' is used.
  adding x264 calls for source: 1
  createJobs for D:\999.mkv
   creating audio subjobs,...
   creating attachment extraction subjobs
   creating video subjobs
   creating muxing subjobs
   optimizing the subJobs
-> finished creating subjobs for current source
  added new job with id 12_04_50_7510
-> should be there after processing: D:\Other\Temp\iId_1_aid_0_lang_ja_12_04_50_7510_01.ac3
starting 12_04_50_7510_01_audio@12:04:50.834 - D:\999.mkv
finished after 00:00:00.134
-> should be there after processing: D:\Other\Temp\iId_1_aid_0_lang_ja_12_04_50_7510_02.ac3
starting 12_04_50_7510_02_audio@12:04:50.972 - D:\999.mkv
finished after 00:00:00.357
delete D:\Other\Temp\iId_1_aid_0_lang_ja_12_04_50_7510_01.ac3
-> should be there after processing: D:\Other\Temp\12_04_50_7510_07.264
starting 12_04_50_7510_07_video@12:04:51.518 - D:\999.mkv
finished after 00:00:00.803
-> 12_04_50_7510_07_video crashed: ERROR: D:\Other\Temp\12_04_50_7510_07.264 is too small! (byteSize: 0byte)
Aborting '12_04_50_7510_07_video' due to: ERROR: D:\Other\Temp\12_04_50_7510_07.264 is too small! (byteSize: 0byte)

I always have a coding error, if enable "Overwrite input scan type to: progressive" - no problem, but not good for me. 

Then i installed Hybrid 20191201 and old version and enable QTGMC (Avisynth) with default settings, there is an error in the encoding.

How to fix my problem?
  • try the Avisynth preview to see if there is an error
  • Quote:Ignore time codes for output since Avisynth 'FPS adjust' is used.
    are you trying to deinterlaced and change the output fps?
    Whatever you are doing seems strange, if you have interlaced 29.97fps tff content which you want to get to progressive 59.94fps, why not simply dob the content?
  • Do you want to troll me or why would you post parts of a log which starts with:
    Quote:This log is only intended for user information.
    It should not be part of a bug/problem report!!

-> if you want help instead of posting screenshots:
a. read the [INFO] Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,.. sticky
b. provide a debug output (level 9 is probably the best in your case) which contains the whole process starting with the loading of the source
c. write step by step what you do
d. if you can, share a sample which allows me to reproduce the issue

Cu Selur

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