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[BUG] Vapoursynth: Interframe options mixed up for OverrideAlgo
Interframe's OverrideAlgo settings should be:

2 = Strong
13 = Intelligent (used if nothing is specified)
23 = Smooth

[Image: dwqoj3b.png]

Hybrid's AviSynth section's behavior is correct.

Hybrid's VapourSynth section has a "None" option for OverrideAlgo, which I believe is actually "Intelligent". In AviSynth, setting "Intelligent" is like setting "None" on VapourSynth, in that nothing is specified for OverrideAlgo in the script, which means that it uses "13 (Intelligent)" by default. (Hybrid's AviSynth does not have a "None" option.)

Edit - The above is incorrect... if no OverrideAlgo is specified ("None" in VapourSynth), then it's 13 for Film and Weak (I think, the documentation isn't clear for the "Weak" tuning), 2 for Animation, and 23 for Smooth. Unless the user specifies something else. So for VapourSynth, the main issue is the below, which has the "Strong" and "Intelligent" options mixed up. AviSynth should have a "None" option added.

Furthermore, setting the OverrideAlgo to "Strong" in Hybrid's VapourSynth section incorrectly sets it to 13 (Intelligent), and setting it to "Intelligent" incorrectly sets it to 2 (Strong).

[Image: P2AkuNn.png]

[Image: Pe4KiRm.png]

So, for VapourSynth, I belive the "None" option should be removed, "Intelligent" should not have any OverrideAlgo setting specified, "Strong" should have it set to 2, and "Smooth" should have it set to 23 (which it does currently).
I'll look into it.
Actually, what I posted above about the default behavior of OverrideAlgo is incorrect.

If no OverrideAlgo is specified ("None" in VapourSynth), then it's 13 by default for Film and Weak tuning settings (I think, the documentation isn't clear for the "Weak" tuning), 2 for Animation tuning, and 23 for Smooth tuning. Unless the user specifies something else for OverrideAlgo... it "overrides" the default algorithm for the specified tuning setting.

So for VapourSynth, the issue is just that "Strong" and "Intelligent" options are mixed up, as shown above.

AviSynth should probably have a "None" option added. (In addition to fixing the problem that the tuning option doesn't get set in the AviSynth script.)
I'll probably drop the names for the overwrite algorithm parameter and use the modes directly:
Rendering algorithm or "SVP shader", available values are:
    1 - sharp picture without any blending, moves pixels by motion vectors from next frame to current. Requires only backward motion vectors ("analyse.vectors: 2") so it's the fastest possible method.
    2 - like 1st but moves pixels from the nearest (in terms of time) frame so it uses both backward and forward vectors. Recommended for 2D animations.
    11 - time weighted blend of forward and backward partial motion compensations.
    13 - same as 11th but with dynamic median added. Produces minimum artifacts but with noticeable halos around moving objects.
    21 - 11th plus additional cover/uncover masking to minimize halos and improve frame edges.
    23 - 21th plus extra vectors from adjacent frames for further decreasing of halos, can be less smooth than 21th.
and neither Avisynth nor Vapoursynth will have a 'none'.

Cu Selur
Thanks for that info, I didn't have that. Wink

Instead of "none" maybe it could say "default" (based on tuning mode). If no tuning mode is specified it uses "film" by default which uses "13" for algorithm (OverrideAlgo).

By the way, I've been testing the modes, and so far I get the best results with the least artifacts using "Weak" for the tuning mode, and "23" for the OverrideAlgo. (Still noticeable artifacts however.)
Quote:Instead of "none" maybe it could say "default"
no, removed the names won't add them back

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