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Audio encoding crash
I want to reencode a video with DTS-HD audio to an Xvid with AC3 Stereo, but when it start to encode the audio the job crash saying that the created audio is too small 0 byte.

If I decide to mantain the DTS the system start to encode the video.

BTW while encoding the video you have no progress indicator so you don't know if it's really doing something unless you check the task manager and Temp directory.

I create a Debug level 9.

My version of Hybrid is the 2020.05.16.1 that you sent me
Will look into it.
Quote:[AC-3 Encoder @ 0000019fc3006bc0] Value -0.000000 for parameter 'dialnorm' out of range [-31 - -1]
[AC-3 Encoder @ 0000019fc3006bc0] Error setting option dialnorm to value -0.
-> will fix
Send you a link to a dev version via PM which should fix the issue.

Cu Selur
It still crash, but this time I cannot find anywhere the Debug out put even if I chose again level 9.
1. you did recreate the job right (the old job is broken)
2. debug output should be in the output folder (if you enabled it after setting the output)

Cu Selur
I did not recreate the job, I'll do it.

Now it works, but it pop up an error about the name of the file everytime a new starts.
It starts mencoder, but I don't have an idea when it will end, because it doesn't show any progress.
What does the popup say exactly? (use ctrl+c to copy the text)
Forgot to look at the progress. Please create another debug output. Smile

Cu Selur
Now the first pass is finished and when I click ok on the error message Hybrid close itself, but the system is still used with 100% CPU by Vspipe and mencoder.

I attach the Debug output.


I reopened Hybrid and the job is not in the list.

VSpipe and mencoder are still using 100% resource, but after almost 3 hours the avi file in Temp is still 0 Kb.

After 3,5 hours is suddenly showing some update in filesize and faster than the 1st pass.
You did recreate the job and not try to start an old job with the new version, right?

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