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[Help] vfr video loading taking long time & slow conversion speed for me

I have two variable frame rate videos, the first one loads in few seconds but the other one taking long time (very long) to fix timecodes.
Can we speed up this process? Please see the debug logs for two files. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

And I'm getting around 20fps conversion speed while converting the first video, using InterFrame filter in AviSynth (60fps and ticked GPU option), Nvenc H.264. ( I saw posts where all are getting around 120- 240 fps conversion with >20% GPU utilization (im getting 5-8%). Please Help.

Processor : i5-8300H
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060
SSD : 128GB

Attached Files
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About speed:
1. use Vapoursynth instead of Avisynth
2. use a Source filter which also supports hardware decoding and enable it
can't really say more without seeing the used Script and encoding calls.

About the time codes:
What happens is that Hybrid looks at the tile codes and finds:
Problem is that two frames have the same time codes since that is not possible (can't show two frame at the same time).
So what Hybrid does is look the difference between
5958.04444444444 and 6174.57777777778
which is 216.53333333334 and sets the second 6174.57777777778 time code to
6174,57777777778 + 216,53333333334
which is:
problem with that time code is that it's larger then the next time code (6209.62222222222) so that time code is also adjusted and so forth,... Wink

1. don't feed Hybrid with broken files.
2. change the way Hybrid tries to fix the time codes. Smile
-> I'll think about it, may be I have a good idea.

Cu Selur

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