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[BUG] Crash when encoding
the container indicates CFR, but the stream indicates vfr:
Quote:Frame rate mode : CFR
Frame rate mode : Constant
FrameRate_Mode_Original : VFR
Frame rate : 25.000
if you are sure it's really cfr enable 'Config->Internal->Handling->Ignore all input time codes' and try with that.

Had a quick look at it. Seems like Interframe/SVP has some problem with the source. instead of the expected 11605 frame it return 594160 frames black frame -> no wonder Hybrid is 'off' with its expectation.
-> will look at it after work some more.

Cu Selur

Ps.: If you had looked at the Vapoursynth preview you would have noticed that. (No clue how one can use Interframe without checking the interpolation in the Preview,...)
It's a problem with LibavSMASHSource, disabling 'Filtering->Vapoursynth->Misc->Input->Prefer LWLibAVSource over FFmpegSource2' fixes the issue.
-> will report it later to the L-SMASH authors, until then you need to use FFmpegSource2 as source filter.

Cu Selur
I actually did look at the Vapoursynth preview but didn't think it was important enough to mention. Tongue 

Posted the problem over at
and HolyWu ( noted:
Quote:Congrats! You triggered a weird bug which probably has existed for decades. Just don't specify fpsnum in LibavSMASHSource.

-> so contracts on running into an unknown but seemingly old bug Smile
(I'll try look into a workaround for this until it's fixed in LibavSMASHSource, but for the time beeing fest stick with FFMS2 if you have other files with the same symptoms.)

Cu Selur
I chose my user name for a reason. Big Grin
I just stumbled over another workaround: disabling "Filtering->Vapoursynth->Misc->Input->Prefer LSMASHSource over LWLivAVSource for mp4/mov"
(this will happen in the background in the next release)

Cu Selur

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