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Complaint about the GUI
The GUI for this software is somewhat bad, at least unintuitive. The usage of icons as buttons in the main "Base", "Chapter" and "Jobs" tabs is unhelpful as their meanings are not clear and can be confusing to users across different cultures. Hopefully the developer can consider replacing them with simple, clear buttons with words like most GUIs do.
I always assumed that if you have some experience with video encoding and tools used for it, the GUI is manageable if it isn't: Sorry, but Hybrid doesn't aim to be intuitive. And I doubt I will find the time and motivation to do a redesign of the gui.
Good thing is there are tons of other tools like StaxRip, MeGui, Handbrake, VidCoder,.. that should be able to do most of the jobs Hybrid does.

Cu Selur
I have no any real problems with GUI and app layout. Most things are arranged in very logical way. There are some useful global hotkeys.
But i can agree about not too too intuitive icons. Lucky there is an option to use buttons with names instead of icons described here

It is also possible to change font size and use native system buttons instead of custom UI icons:
1. Create hidden folder ".hybrid" in home directory (~/.hybrid/)
2. Create TXT file and rename it to "misc.ini"
3. Put misc.ini inside ".hybrid" folder (~/.hybrid/misc.ini)
4. Add this text to "misc.ini" file:

Now UI looks like this:

[Image: gNEqfOi.jpg]
the location of the misc.ini can differ per OS as described in the hidden settings thread,..
As a side note: if anyone is artistically inclined and wants to create new icons for the buttons which can be used in Hybrid without any license issues I'm open for it.
Button icons need to be png (512x512 or 512x256).

Cu Selur
I guess problem is not about good or bad icons. Icons instead of text may ave some UI space, but same time multiple icons without additional instant text hints are very hard to remember and understand. Especially when it goes to very specific and nuanced actions like in Jobs list. 
Simple buttons with text works way better.

By the way, i noticed macOS UI compare to Windows. In macOS i can free transform window height. This allow to see adjustments and filters more comfortable without additional scrolling. Hybrid on Windows feels very "slim" and artificially limited to fixed height size.

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